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Shannon Lafaille

AA Rider

Shannon Lafaille - 8 year old Lusitano: Luar

Shannon has recently begun competing at third level earning her Bronze medal in April 2023. After a fifteen-year hiatus, Shannon returned to riding in 2016. A traumatic brain injury in 2018 sidelined her for a year. She began her dressage journey in earnest in 2019, competing in her first rated show in 2020. Shannon would like to work on the timing of her aids. She would also like to help Luar lift his back and to use his topline better in lateral work. One of her goals is to improve the canter halfpass. She and Luar have been dance partners for only eight months.

Recent test collective comments Further develop engagement for elasticity and expression. Horse needs more through connection and balance. Gets short and quick. Need to bend in half pass, especially in the canter.

Challenges and evasions Luar is hollow on the left. He will also piaffe or jig in the walk. He tends to curl and rush, especially in the walk, if I don’t use enough leg to have a directive aide.


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