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Sarah Yoffe-Sharp

Open Rider

Sarah Yoffe-Sharp - 2007 KWPN: Cali

2015 rescue pony: Rosalind

Sarah Yoffe-Sharp is a USDF Bronze and Silver medalist. She is the recipient of multiple high point awards. She has also competed as a rider and competitive lunger for local vaulting clubs.

Her 2007 mare, Cali is currently schooling the Grand Prix. Sarah and Cali have competed at fourth Level, Prix St. Georges and Intermediare I.

Collective comments More reach from behind in extensions and sustained bend in movement. Watch that you don’t override tempo, as it affects her overall elasticity and ground cover.

Challenges and evasions Cali sometimes braces in the neck, falling to the right in the one tempis. Sarah would like to improve her fluidity in the Grand Prix half passes; her piaffe-passage-piaffe transitions; and turning left in the passage.

Sarah recued Rosalind in 2017. She has brought her up the levels and is competing Intermediate I and beginning to school some of the Developing Grand Prix.

Collective comments Horse tends to brace on rider’s hands; needs elasticity over topline and quieter connection today. Mediums looked rushed.

Challenges and evasions Sarah would like to improve half steps, to have less hurried extensions, and work on straightness overall. Rosie can brace in the lengthening and has trouble maintaining straightness.


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