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Ruth Shirkey

AA Rider

Ruth Shirkey - 5 yr old Hanoverian: Roxy Lee

Ruth is an “r” judge who has earned her USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medal, as well as Freestyle Bars. She has successfully trained two horses from training level through Grand Prix. She is currently bringing along Roxy Lee, who has just turned five. They are showing first and second level and the Five-year-Old Young Horse test. They have begun work on second level.

Recent test collective comments Elegant pair with potential, need to show more collection.

Challenges and evasions Roxy Lee demonstrates patience, strong balance, willingness and elasticity in all gaits. Ruth wants to improve her skills in developing the mare’s strength and engagement. Ruth seeks to keep Roxy Lee focused and responsive without losing balance. She wishes to increase energy level while ensuring engagement behind. The pair are working on flying changes.


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