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2022-2023 Scholarship Guidelines

Dear CDS Foothill Chapter Members,


This year, we are proud to offer our members a number of fabulous scholarship opportunities. The success of our fundraising efforts will determine the number of awards per scholarship. We encourage everyone to apply who has a total of 12 volunteer hours or more logged from this year. Once awarded, scholarships must be redeemed within the year they were awarded. 


Below we have provided the eligibility requirements, application procedure, selection procedure, ways to acquire your mandatory volunteer hours and approved award utilization.


Thank you very much for the continued support of our chapter. We hope that these scholarships help our members achieve their riding goals! 




  • Must have an active CDS Foothills Chapter membership in good standing.

  • Must be a Junior or Young rider per USDF regulations for Jr/Yr Scholarships.

  • Must be an Adult amateur per USEF Article GR1306 for Adult Amateur Scholarships.

  • Must be an Open rider per USDF regulations for Open Scholarships.

  • Vintage rider’s must be 50 years or older and compete at the Foothill Chapter rated show.

  • Must be a Para rider per USDF regulations for Para Rider Scholarship.

  • Must have volunteered a minimum of 12 hours at Foothill Chapter and/or CDS events from January 1 2022 until December 31 2023. A list of suggested volunteer events and duties is provided. 


  • Email us directly at

  • A series of four questions must be answered which can be found in the scholarships email which is sent to our entire membership.

  • Applications will be submitted online by emailing directly.

    • Deadline is Dec 31 2023 by 11:59 pm

  • Late applications will NOT be considered.

  • Awards will be announced at the Foothill Chapter January Party (January 13, 2024 at the home of Ana Gilmour in Orangevale. You do not have to be present to receive awards.


  • Scholarship applicants will be reviewed by the Foothill Chapter Scholarship Committee.

  • The final decision will be made by the Foothill Chapter Board.



  • Number of awards will be determined by the amount of funds raised each year.

  • Maximum 3 scholarships may be awarded to each rider (not including Raffle drawing and Jr/Yr Community scholarships) per year.

  • Awards will be provided to recipients as reimbursements. Receipts with scholarship reimbursement form will be required for each reimbursement.

  • Funds must be used towards clinics, showing, lessons, and continuing education. A more detailed list is provided below.

  • Award must be used within a 12-month period or funds will be voided. (December 31, 2024)

  • A recipient must be a Foothill Chapter member at the time funds are used.

  • Awards are non-transferable except from parents to children under the age of 12. CDS member parents can apply for open or adult awards only.

  • Recipients may be required to write an article of no less than 300 words for the Foothill Chapter newsletter or other social media and marketing. 


  • Show entries

  • Workshops

  • Clinics

  • Lessons

  • Equestrian educational lectures and events pertaining to dressage and horse care. 

  • USDF University Credits

  • Attending CDS annual meeting

  • Community Scholarship- Any expenditure related to spreading awareness of dressage and our chapter.

Please contact the scholarship committee at if you are unsure if a certain expense qualifies.


In order to qualify for a Foothills Scholarship, you must be a member in the year in which you are applying. You also must complete 12 hours of volunteer hours within that year (usually before December 1 so you have time to apply). There are many opportunities to become involved and achieve volunteer hours. If you are unsure of when or where you can earn volunteer hours, please reach out to your chapter board members directly so they can help to guide you.


  1. CDS New Test Symposium as a RIDER (January)

  2. CDS New Test Symposium as a VOLUNTEER (January)

  3. Foothills Chapter Annual Party  (February)

  4. JR/YR Clinic (March)

  5. Large R Judges’ Training with Lilo Fore at Golden State MEC as a RIDER (April)

  6. AA Clinic (April)

  7. Janet Foy Clinic (May)

  8. Western Horse Expo Booth (June)

  9. CDS Championship Show (September)

  10. Judges’ Training Foothills BARBIE Show at MEC as a RIDER (October)

  11. Foothills BARBIE Show at MEC as a VOLUNTEER (October)

  12. Foothills Board Meetings Attendance/Participation (all year)

  13. Joining and serving on a Foothills Committee (all year)


There are many ways to help including organizing, fundraising, recruiting sponsors, recruiting attendees, selling tickets, managing tables, marketing, managing social media, setting up, cleaning up, scribing, running score sheets, announcing, calculating scores, selling food, making fliers etc. There is absolutely something for everyone and we encourage you to get involved!

To volunteer for any of the above opportunities, please contact a foothills member or email us directly at

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