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Robin Mercer

AA Rider

Robin Mercer - 17 yr old Connemara: Kynynmont Blue Sapphire (Sophie)

After riding hunter/jumpers for decades, Robin fell in love with the sport of dressage. In 2019 , she purchased Sophie, a pony who was competed successfully through Grand Prix. They have been competing since 2021 at training and first level. Together, they are preparing to compete at second level and are currently schooling some third level movements.

Recent test collective comments Keep developing the impulsion and suppleness in topline. Accurately ridden. I appreciate the bend and transitions. Further improve engagement for more difference in paces. Keep the impulsion for more elasticity.

Challenges and evasions Sophie uses passage as an evasion and, she has a few different trots. Robin is working to maintain a trot with consistent cadence. She is also seeking to ensure straightness in canter departs.


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