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Jennette Scanlon

Open Rider

Jennette Scanlon – 6 year old Westphalian gelding: Bandolero

8-year-old Hanoverian gelding: D’Julio

Jennette has earned her USDF Bronze, Silver, Gold medals, is a USDF Certified Instructor through fourth level. USDF "L" Grad w/ Distinction, and USEA ICP Level III Certified Instructor. Jennette continues to work on core stability rather than using contact for stability. She hopes to improve using her hips rather than her knees to improve engagement and energy.

Bandolero has shown training and is currently showing at first level.

Recent test collective marks Connection needs to be more consistent; Need relaxation over back; Needs to be rounder; Needs steadier balance and suppleness.

D'Julio was a large, awkward youngster and didn't start any serious work until six years of age.

Recent test collective marks Needs impulsion and better balance.


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