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Ella Oettle

Ella Oettle - 16 year old Holsteiner: Norbert Zed

Ella, 17 has been a United States Pony Club member most of her life. She has earned the USPC H-B and C2 dressage certification. A former eventer, Ella made the switch to dressage and in 2022 she purchased Norbert Zed (“Noah”). Noah is a Prix St. Georges schoolmaster who was originally imported as a jumper from Germany. Ella would like to improve the clarity and subtlety of her aids.

Recent test collective comments Well presented test with energy; Be sure that shoulders lead in half pass; be more aware of where movements begin and end; horse needs to stay in front of leg; clean flying changes.

Challenges and evasions Noah will sometimes curl behind the vertical and drop the connection. This is most often a sign that we have lost some impulsion. Noah anticipates movements and flying changes.


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