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Kyla Marshall Attends Northern CA Junior/Young Rider Dressage Clinic with Charlotte Bredahl

A huge thank you to CDS and the Foothills Chapter for providing such a great opportunity for me to participate in this year's Northern CA Junior/Young Rider Dressage Clinic with Charlotte Bredahl. Also a big thank you to Beth Coffey-Curle for planning this wonderful clinic and to Starr Vaughn for providing such a beautiful venue for the weekend.

Charlotte was amazing to work with and learn from. She was very patient but also extremely informative, and, all around, it was a very fun experience! With the individual sessions, Charlotte was able to focus on the specific challenges I was having with my horse. She provided me with great tools to use while riding my horse by showing me exercises that made communicating with him much easier and clearer. After the second day I really felt like I had made some significant improvements. These one-on-one lessons were so valuable.

Also, not only did I learn a lot in the saddle but I also benefited from watching the individual sessions with the other riders. By listening to Charlotte work with others, I was able to understand not only what to look for when watching other people ride but also giving me a great perspective of the many things that I can apply when I am in the saddle. It was such an amazing experience and again thank you to everyone who made it possible.

Kyla Marshall, CDS-Foothills Chapter

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