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Anne Gribbons Clinic

I was the lucky recipient of a random drawing from Foothills Chapter CDS to ride with Anne Gribbons, September 14-15, 2015. The clinic was held at Diane and Robert Perry's amazing facility in Orangevale, CA. I appreciate their hospitality and providing such a wonderful learning environment, their love for the horses and support for our area's dressage culture is felt immediately upon arrival to the facility. Riding with Anne Gribbons was an experience I will not forget, anytime soon. Her life experience, along with her compassion for the horse, emanated to fill the arena, bringing an inner relaxation and sense of trust immediately from both my horse and myself. She addressed difficult topics, such as rhythm issues, head on with a systematic approach directly from classical methodology. She demanded self discipline and effectiveness from the rider, while keeping a positive and "can do" feel to her smile. I felt I was able to improve my horse, while understanding everything I did and why it was necessary. I will forever be grateful to Foothills Chapter, CDS for providing the opportunity to participate in this clinic. As a professional, it gave me some good tools, and great reminders, to take home to my other horses and students.

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