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Fundraising for Youth Riders and the Future of the Sport

Parents and advocates for youth riders - your help is urgently needed!

It's undeniable to say that the Junior and Youth riders today are the future of Dressage. Over the years we have seen a great number of junior riders grow up to be incredibly talented and passionate adult equestrians and we couldn't be more proud.  However, the number of *new* juniors within CDS, including our very own chapter, are dwindling. How many kids and teenagers can you think of that absolutely light up whenever you mention horses? How many people's lives have been turned around due to their involvement with these amazing creatures? Horses have saved so many of us and it's heartbreaking to see so many adolescents not be able to experience the miracles that these horses bring mainly due to one common denominator: finances. This sport.. no.. this PASSION, is an expensive one.

Please help us meet our goal to raise $30k in member contributions to CDS Foothills in 2018. Just imagine how many young lives can be touched by your participation in the Youth Rider's Challenge and the best part – it requires no money out of pocket from you!

Junior Fundraising Chair, Debb Doss, her daughter Jouelle and our Treasurer Cristi West explain in the following video:

Letter from Richard West;

local real estate broker

Many of my clients are current members of CDS and I have sold several of their homes recently. Also, I have represented a few more members in the purchase of their new home. And, now that I have been made aware of the Foothill Chapter's need for funds to help support  our community’s youth, it dawned on me as a professional that the Franklin West Real Estate Agency could offer a solution to help build the “Youth Rider” fund. Here are my thoughts.


How it Works

Here's how we build the Youth Rider Fund whenever Franklin West represents an active member of the California Dressage Society: 


$1000 will be paid to the Foothills Chapter of the Youth Rider Fund.


$1500 where the Chapter Members use Team West for both their real estate and mortgage transaction.


The Donation is made in the Chapter Member's name.


The Chapter Member receives the IRS tax benefit.

Make the Pledge

If you are considering doing a real estate transaction in the future and want to take advantage of our offer to make a $1000 or $1500 donation to the Youth Rider Fund, in your name, please add your name below. By making a pledge you are signaling your intent engage real estate services in the near future and giving us permission to following up with you regarding your intent. You are under no obligation to contract us for services.



We respect your privacy.

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